Micromax Joy X-1800 and X-1850 introduced at Rs 699 and Rs 749 in India

While smartphones are wreaking havoc in the Indian market, the Micromax Joy X-1800 and X-1850 want to please those buyers who are still looking for feature phones to satisfy their telephony needs. With their prices set at Rs 699 and Rs 749 respectively, these new devices are marking the start of the company’s new ‘Joy’ series.

What’s all the more interesting is the fact that both the Micromax Joy X-1800 and X-1850 have chosen to do away with traditional box packaging and have preferred the unique pouch packaging you can see in the image down below. The company has likened these pouches to candy packs in order to give the phones some added character.

Micromax Joy X-1800 And X-1850

Both the handsets have been fitted with colored screens and they feature expandable storage of up to 4GB. On the connectivity front, Bluetooth support is their only highlight, while imaging-wise you cannot expect much from their 0.08MP cameras. Essentials like FM radio and a flashlight have of course been granted to the two Micromax devices.

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The Joy X-1800 kicks in a 1.77-inch colored screen and is said to grab a pretty durable body. It packs inside its shell a 750mAh battery which is capable of providing consumers up to 235 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talktime.

On the other hand, the Micromax Joy X-1850 carries onboard an 1800mAh battery which delivers 25 days standby time and 7.5 hours of talktime. This handset too sports a 1.77-inch colored screen on its front surface.

Micromax Joy X-1850 Packaging

While the Micromax Joy X-1800 has already been released in the Indian market, the Joy X-1850 model is all set to go on sale sometime next week, according to its makers.