SoftwareMarketing Forecast iPhone App hits Apple iTunes Store

Marketing Forecast iPhone App hits Apple iTunes Store

Marketing Forecast iPhone App Marketing is now made easier with the innovative application introduced by Ad-ology Research. Dubbed Marketing Forecast iPhone application, it would keep strategic advertisers and marketers updated with the latest industry research, news, and developments.

The company has also unveiled a new website that is dedicated to the advertising and marketing industry. The marketing forecast iPhone app also facilitates users to obtain marketing and consumer insights from Ad-ology Research and other prominent research firms.

“CMOs, advertisers, agencies, and business owners are constantly looking forward, making decisions for weeks and months in advance. That’s why this app and the Web site are focused on where the market is going to be rather than where it was yesterday,” mentioned C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research.

Further, the app is inclusive of most recent U.S. economic trends, topics from Google and incorporates Twitter streams that combine latest Tweets related to advertising and marketing. The Marketing forecast web site presents a collection of the latest forecasts along with challenges and opportunities offered, in a central location.

Information about advertising revenue, category sales, marketing activities, consumer spending are provided. Besides these, news about advertising, branding, and digital marketing are also included.

The Marketing Forecast app is now available for download on the Apple iTunes store for free.

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