LGLG Glimmer Coming on Alltel, say Rumors

LG Glimmer Coming on Alltel, say Rumors

Lg Glimmer Leaked Ad The news of leaked Alltel LG Glimmer phone is spreading all over the internet. The leaked advertisement shows that Alltel is soon going to launch LG’s new Glimmer phone.

Apparently the Glimmer is a slider style phone having a big 2.8-inch touch display. Other features of the phone would be a 2-megapixel camera with 5x zoom, a numeric keypad slider, 128MB built-in memory, 3.5 hours of talk time, Bluetooth 1.2 connectivity, and EVDO.

The phone will also be equipped with microSD card slot supporting storage up to 4GB. Also the Glimmer is expected to support 3G Internet access and live streaming capability from Alltel’s Axcess TV and its Navigation assisted GPS feature.

Other features like music capabilities, connectivity are yet to be confirmed. Also the leaked advertisement does not even talk about the price and availability.

However, the phone is expected to be available with Alltel from March end.

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