Other BrandsJolla Sailfish phone goes up for pre-order in Europe

Jolla Sailfish phone goes up for pre-order in Europe

Jolla has launched the Sailfish-based phone in Europe and the company has already put it up for pre-order for a price of under €400. An exact release date is not known, but the makers plan to ship this device before the end of this year.

The Jolla Sailfish phone will not hit stores for months to come and all of its specifications have also not been revealed as yet. Nevertheless, some details of the handset are officially out and the web portal of the OEM in question confirms that its front panel will be graced by a 4.5-inch multi-touch display.

Jolla Sailfish phone

Its ‘other half’ or different-colored back covers have the ability to change the look of the device completely. As soon as a casing is attached to the gadget, the latter automatically detects the shade and changes the interface accordingly. Users have the option of determining tones, profiles, fonts, functionalities, applications and more for a particular other half.

Although most devices are now moving on to processors with 4 cores, the concerned handset seems content with its dual core chipset and we are expecting it to be capable of launching at least a couple of applications at the same time. What needs to be noted is that it has also been loaded with support for 4G mobile networks and which countries will actually get to use this feature will only be made public after the gadget is ready to be shipped.

Front And Rear

In order to allow prospective customers to carry their digital content along, the company has kept 16GB of free storage space in the device. And in case it is not enough, an expansion slot has been carved into the stylish chassis for inserting a microSD card. As far as the camera is concerned, casual photographers will appreciate its 8MP snapper with auto focus and it should also have the ability to record decent-quality videos.

Furthermore, the device draws power from a replaceable battery. And one of its key highlights is that it is compliant with applications meant for the Android platform. Coming to the Sailfish OS, it is based on the MeeGo platform and claims to bring a gesture-based UI to the table. The phone is completely devoid of physical buttons.


The Jolla Sailfish phone is slated to be released in Europe in late 2013 and it can now be pre-ordered through the official website for €399.

Key specifications of the phone:

– 4.5-inch multi-touch screen
– 8MP camera
– Sailfish OS
– Dual core processor
– 4G support
– 16GB memory, expandable using a microSD card
– The Other Half

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