Joikusoft publicizes multiplexing Wi-Fi tethering software for smartphones

Joikusoft Joikuboost For the fast paced mobile world, Joikusoft recently introduced JoikuBoost, mobile internet connection speed enhancer for JoikuBoost-enabled devices. The software application improves mobile internet connection speed by integrating 3G data connections wirelessly between multiple mobile phones in multiple operator 3G networks.

The authentic internet speed proliferates as the data bits transported in a JoikuBoost Wi-Fi network simultaneously flow through multiple operator 3G networks. JoikuBoost is based on an innovative communications protocol developed by Joikusoft. With user permission, JoikuBoost combines 3G data connections over Wi-Fi and creates a larger, integrated and shared bit pipe.

“JoikuBoost builds on JoikuSpot innovation, now allowing Nokia phone users to share more 3G with one another, and enjoy surfing the web at vastly higher speeds. Joikusoft software complements the powerful capabilities Nokia designs into its mobile devices,” quoted Sixten Sandstrom, director of partnerships and business development at Nokia.

“The advanced 3G Wi-Fi sharing capabilities of Nokia smartphones will particularly benefit from JoikuBoost due to new JoikuBoost 3G multiplexing protocol,” mentioned Tom Ojala, Chairman of the Board and a founder of JoikuSoft.

Lasse Maki, CEO and founder of Joikusoft, stated, “JoikuBoost solves the radio interface limitation impacting the speed of mobile data transmissions today. By multiplexing various mobile data connections into one larger and unified bit pipe, JoikuBoost multiplies the actual mobile internet speed in operator networks.”

Several Nokia smartphones are equipped with JoikuBoost software. Numerous JoikuBoost-enabled handsets can be joined to create Wi-Fi Share Hubs, enabling users to create personal 4G Wi-Fi networks over 3G with friends and colleagues.

Beta Edition of JoikuBoost is available for free download via Joiku community site.