IVO puts forth IVONA Text-To-Speech

IVONA Text-To-Speech For those who are tired of navigating manually through the various features on their phones may well be enthralled with this piece of news. IVO Software Company will be presenting their commendable IVONA Text-To-Speech (TTS) mobile technology in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) Model.

The TTS enables all applications and services available on the phone to speak in with a human accent, thus allowing better accessibility and functionality without the hassles of any add-on softwares.

The IVONA TTS mobile technology empowers the user to get creative with any application, Internet-connected devices and websites to make them more attractive and quickly exploitable. The IVONA SaaS model converts text to speech on the web server itself rather than working on the device.

With instant execution of TTS there is no cost incurred to the user, thus making the application speak in some of the best quality voices. The TTS technology can also be implemented into applications or devices in the form of libraries.