WXYZ TV, Channel 7 iPhone app

WXYZ Logo The WXYZ.com iPhone app by WXYZ TV, Channel 7, station in the Detroit market has marked a milestone with about 20,000 downloads in March 2010. The application apparently is the only one to provide local news to people in the Detroit region.

The application was initially launched in January 2010 and within months seems to have become a favorite of around 25,000 people who use it daily on their iPhone. Channel 7’s idea behind the application was to provide users with vital information required irrespective of place or time. With this application, users can keep themselves updated on weather forecasts, live radar, traffic updates, school closings and other news related to Metro Detroit.

WXYZ New Media Director, Seth Myers illustrated on the success of the application by saying that, “We know metro Detroiters have moved beyond the era of wanting news just a few times each day. Our iPhone app – and the content we provide for BlackBerry and other smartphone users – is always fresh and ready whenever you have a moment for the news.” While WXYZ Vice President and General Manager, Bob Sliva added that the increase in demand for the application shows that there is clearly a growing demand for news and information on the go.

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Apart from this achievement, WXYZ has also noticed a triple digit growth in its mobile reach with their page view count moving up to 450 percent from last year to February 2010.