iPhone gets iGetloaded app

iGetloaded iPhone app Logistics Freight Matching Service Getloaded.com has announced the launch of its iPhone application called iGetloaded. This application is aimed at helping people move tons of cargo via touchscreen mobile technology, thus reducing the need to be fastened to a desktop computer.

iGetloaded integrates the speed and relevance of Getloaded.com’s freight matching service with the superior technology and uncomplicated maneuvering of the iPhone. The iGetloasded application offers users a lot more than just Rate Index, TRansCredit credit scores and PC MILER mileage.

Bryan Jones, president of Getloaded.com expressed his opinion on the launch of the application by saying that, “As the first major freight matching service to embrace the iPhone phenomenon, Getloaded.com takes a game-changing step towards bringing the convenience of wireless applications to the trucking industry. With a growing national trend toward the use of touch screen wireless devices, we are poised to serve that market demand.”

The iGetloaded application allows users GPS-based load and truck search, simple ‘back-haul’ search from the user’s current position, access to make calls while using the application, swift browsing of all vacant loads and trucks and one touch access to find loads back to the user’s set home location.

Through this application users can also check on their previously saved searches via their online accounts. Moreover, the application also saves each user’s performance while in a mobile session. This application can be downloaded by searching for ‘iGetloaded’ on the Apple iPhone App Store.