Tikibeast launches Tiki Bongk for the iPhone

Tiki Bongk Tikibeast has announced the launch of its first game for the iPhone. Tiki Bobgk is a puzzle game that claims to be different from the regular puzzle games by providing the user with invigorating and unique twists and turns. The puzzle is a brain-wrecking gameplay that supposedly gets tougher as the user’s skills are developed.

The puzzle invites the user to drag blocks to complement the color of the Tiki jumping down on the blocks. Chain reactions take place when a lot of color coded blocks are stacked together. The user can gain more points by involving this move often in the game. The user can also strategize in order to coordinate several Tiki totem stacks to get ‘bongked’ at the right time.

The game comes with multi-difficulty levels for beginners and expert players, ‘Voodoo blocks’ to earn extra points, online leaderboard, friends list, Facebook and Twitter integration through the Agon Online offered by Aptocore. The game can even by enjoyed on the iPod touch.