‘iPhone apps’ and ‘Android Apps’ included in the Google Mobile Interface

Google Android Apps

Recently, we had reported on the Android Market crossing the 100,000 apps benchmark. Well, it looks like Google has decided to augment its service for app lovers by making it simpler to access software from the Android Market. According to Gizmodo, Android Police has discovered that the search engine giant has integrated a tab in its mobile search interface dubbed, ‘Android Apps’.

This tab will take handset owners to the Android Market by clicking on each result. Moreover, it displays the star rating, price, company name and the number of reviews. Thus, this new integration has made it extremely easy for users to search for their favorite applications.

iPhone owners needn’t lose heart, Gizmodo elucidates that the same functionality has been introduced for Apple users also. They can now simply click on ‘More’ to access the drop-down which features ‘iPhone apps’. This category will help them jump over the hassles felt at times while accessing the App Store or the Android Market.