rolls out Stuff to Rattle Your Brain App in iPhone rolls out Stuff to Rattle Your Brain App in iPhone


Only a few apps in iPhone can really claim to challenge our brain and enhance our knowledge. So it is a welcome change when declared the release of a new app known as Rattle Your Brain for iPhone. This app was created through an affiliation with CUBiC Digital.

This app facilitates iPhone users to rack their brains instead of switching it off during spare time. A shake to the device is all that is required to use the app. Players can choose from either ’20 Random Questions’, ‘Keep Going ’til I’m Wrong’ or ‘Practice, Practice, Practice’. Then one can select from over several categories, including everything from sports trivia to geography. The content to the questions is from the company itself.

Kathryn Kelly, VP of Media and Marketing for, commented, “The Stuff to Rattle Your Brain App is the first of several seriously smart apps we are developing as part of our broader mobile strategy to help people engage their minds in a fun, offbeat way while using their beloved iPhone or iPod touch. Our popular podcasts already offer compelling and enlightening programming to users’ devices. We are delivering an app that will entertain consumers while fulfilling our mission to make everyone just a little bit smarter.”

If a player answers the question wrongly, they can flick the Multi-Touch user interface to ‘Find Out More,’ and be immediately connected to the article that provides the solution to that question. Those who are competitive can also compare their scores to other players in real time.

The Stuff to Rattle Your Brain App can be accessible from the Apple App Store or can be downloaded for no charge in in iPhone and iPod Touch.

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