SoftwareHelloTxt App dazzles Android experience

HelloTxt App dazzles Android experience

HelloTxt App HelloTxt is a mesmerizing social dashboard that makes it simple and effortless to read and post on various social web accounts. The company allures Android users with its official app. The offering bundles together various innovative features which promise to enhance the mobile experience.

The handy Smart Feed feature enables users to retweet from Twitter and quickly make Facebook comments without leaving the application. The exciting geo-location option helps users draw above the maps as a status update.

Tom Warren, Head of Hellotxt, commented, “At Hellotxt we’re trying to inject some fun back into social networking, through simple and intuitive design and features and, as always, we continue to keep in close touch with our user base to hear back about features they would actually use”.

Apart from all this, users can enjoy several interesting features. The enticing Doodle feature has been improved, thereby enabling individuals to challenge their Facebook friends with utmost ease. The captivating Fun Suggestion recommendation engine provides users with funny sayings and quotes.

Users can snap up this app from the Android Market.

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