Google introduces Election Center mobile site to assist U.S denizens in voting

Election Center site

Just a little while back, we had penned a post pertaining to the release of new administrative controls which enable handset owners to safely manage their Android powered handsets in the Google Apps environment. Well, now the official Google Mobile blog elucidates that the company’s latest offering assists the residents of the United States to be responsible citizens by going out and voting for the most appropriate candidate according to them.

Google has launched a new Election Center mobile site which can be accessed through This mobile web page can be visited via an iPhone or any Android-powered device. With the U.S midterm election commencing tomorrow, the company intends to make it easier for all users to locate their polling places.

All that handset owners now have to do is enter the address were they are registered to vote from. Subsequently, a Google Map will display the polling place. Moreover, the Election Center site provides information about the candidates standing for the office in the user’s area.

Thus, users may avail all these details by visiting from their mobile browsers.