GoogleGoogle mobile search gets lite version for slow network connections in India

Google mobile search gets lite version for slow network connections in India

With an increasing number of people in India accessing the web through their mobile devices like phones and tablets, Google has announced optimized search results for those troubled by slow wireless Internet connections, especially 2G EDGE. The introduction means that the search engine will automatically check for slow Internet speeds and deliver users a faster loading version of its service.

The revamped and streamlined version of the Google search results page for those across India will not look the same as it does on a fast connection. In other words, content which increase the loading time such as maps and images, will only be displayed on mobile when they are relevant to the query typed in by the user.

Google Search For Mobile

This should not only ward away all the frustration you feel when accessing Google Mobile Search in areas where a speedy Internet connection is not available, but it should also shave some rupees off your phone bills. Because, if you live in India, you’ll know one thing for sure about surfing the web on mobile devices – don’t do it unless you’re in a free Wi-Fi zone.

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Google’s mission statement from the time of its incorporation has been ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ Apart from that, it earns a lot of money from advertisements which can be found in its search results pages too. So it makes sense for the company to roll up its sleeves and so something about getting more people online.

Google Project Loon

Google is not the only big name deeply engaged in efforts to bring the Internet to the entire world. Social giant Facebook recently disclosed some exciting news about its flying drones which are designed to beam Wi-Fi from the sky down to Earthlings, just like Mountain View’s Project Loon hot air balloons.

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The Indian mobile internet user base may have crossed the 180 million mark, but telecom companies aren’t doing much about the slow connections bothering customers. It’s a good thing Google is offering some relief with its mobile optimized search results page.

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