GoogleGoogle Pixel Fold Goes Official Along With Pixel 7a And Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Fold Goes Official Along With Pixel 7a And Pixel Tablet

Google I/O 2023 Pixel Releases

Google entered the foldable phones arena even as the Pixel Fold finally went official at the company’s ongoing I/O conference. The company’s keynote also acted as the launch pad for several of its AI strides, along with, of course, the Pixel 7a and the Pixel Tablet.

Pixel Fold

Pixel Fold

The first foldable phone from Google follows the same basic concept on which devices like the Galaxy Fold are built. Opening up the handset reveals a larger display with plenty of fresh possibilities, while the external display is meant for traditional usage.

A number of its unique features were showcased by Google at the unveiling event. Among them was a Dual Screen interpreter mode that simultaneously uses the inner and outer screens to translate live conversations.

The Pixel Fold’s cameras work in tabletop mode, negating the need for a tripod. And like other foldables, the rear cameras can indeed be used to capture high-quality selfies. Additionally, the phone’s software comes with a host of multi-tasking features focused on making the most of the large inner screen.

The Pixel Fold runs on the Tensor G2 chip and carries 120Hz OLED panels inside and out. While the inner screen is a good 7.6 inches in size, the outer one is 5.8 inches. It’s got a 4821mAh battery with wireless charging support.

As for the cameras, the rear cluster includes a 48MP wide camera and two 10.8MP sensors for ultra-wide and telephoto usage. The selfie camera on the outer screen is 8MP, whereas the one on the inner screen is 9.5MP.

The Pixel Fold will be released in the coming months and will be purchasable at $1799.

Pixel 7a

Pixel 7a

The Pixel 7a is everything that the leaks had made it out to be. It runs on the Tensor G2 and is the first Pixel from the A-series to carry a 90Hz display and wireless charging support.

Its dual camera setup includes a 43MP wide camera and a 13MP ultra-wide unit. A 4385mAh battery with 18W fast charging has found its way onto the device.

Interestingly, the phone gets a price bump this year, with its retail value set at $499 and it’s already available to buy.

Pixel Tablet

Pixel Tablet

The Pixel Tablet is an interesting proposition given that it doubles up as a smart home controller when docked on its bundled charging station. To serve your entertainment needs, it ships with a 10.95-inch panel bearing a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution. It’s worth noting that this is an LCD display.

Again, the Google Tensor G2 chip runs the show here, acting as a platform for several AI-based features that include Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur.

The Google Pixel Tablet can be pre-ordered now in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan and Australia. Priced at $499, it will be made available on June 20.

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