GoogleGoogle Pixel 7 Pro Leaks Via New Unboxing Video

Google Pixel 7 Pro Leaks Via New Unboxing Video

Pixel 7 Pro Leaked Video
Image Source: Gadgetfull

Buzz around the Google Pixel 7 Pro seems to be heating up, suggesting that its impending launch could be fast approaching. The phone has now appeared in a video that shows it being removed from its retail box and powered on.

This video has been posted to Facebook by a technology shop in Bangladesh called Gadgetfull. The device in this clip matches the renders of the Pixel 7 Pro that were unveiled by Google during its I/O keynote in May this year.

The aluminum camera bar with two cutouts for the camera sensors is the most distinguishing quality of its design. When the phone is powered on, the official Google Pixel official animation sequence is also clearly visible in this video.

The Pixel 7 Pro has leaked before but only in the form of prototype devices. This one is quite clearly a retail unit and that indicates that the launch of the phone isn’t too far away. Google would also want to rush, given that the rival iPhone 14 range is likely to arrive on September 7.

Google revealed in May that the Pixel 7 range will run on its next-gen Tensor processor. The Pro model will continue to offer three cameras, while the other handset will still offer dual cameras, like the Pixel 6 range.

You can also expect the Pixel Watch to be officially unveiled along with the Pixel 7 range. Renders of this smartwatch too were made public by Google in May but its specs remain under wraps. It will be interesting to see what sort of pricing model the company uses for this device.

We’ll have more on the Google Pixel 7 range as well as the Pixel Watch when newer details are available.

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