Google optimizes Mobile Local Search

Google Local Search Mobile Seemingly, innovation never ends with Google as the popular search engine recently devised innovative ways to make local searches easier.

With the latest innovation, the local search experience on the mobile phone is elevated and is integrated with the Google Maps on the computer. The latest Google service is also inclusive of browseable categories that facilitate users to search without typing.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, users can research the places they visit on Google Maps. Then they can sign in to their Google account and star the places they want to go via their desktop. This service facilitates users to view the places that were starred from their desktop machines, once they have signed in to their Google accounts from their mobile phones.

Users can click on place names to obtain mobile-optimized versions of Place Pages for Google Maps that is inclusive of opening hours, reviews, photos and more details about that place.

Presently, the product is made available in the US and China, Google is planning to introduce this service to more regions in the coming days. Users can access these features on their mobile phone by visiting the official Google website.