Google commences marketing experiment with Goggles app

Google Goggles Experiment Google released its Goggles app for iPhone owners in the month of October. The official Google Mobile blog highlights that the company has undertaken a marketing experiment with Google Goggles. Wherein, Google has teamed up with five major brands including Buick, Disney, Diageo, Delta Airlines and T-Mobile.

The original app has been used to capture numerous things like landmarks, products and famous paintings, among others. These companies will be expanding their offline marketing to the mobile web. Well, now when users take pictures of these using the Google Goggles, the software will instantaneously recognize the app and provide them with the option of clicking-through directly to a mobile destination of the brand.

Initially, Google Goggles was developed to make it easier for individuals to explore the world around them using handsets. The current experiment too works on similar principles and technology. The app ‘Goggles-enables’ advertisements and other media. Hence, allowing handset owners to discover mobile sites from these brands through a quick link.

Users who wish to interact with these experimental campaigns can download either Google Mobile App for iPhone from the iTunes store or Google Goggles from the Android Market. Subsequently, they can search up ads and products from companies. Additional brands will soon be added.