SoftwareNetflix for Android in early 2011?

Netflix for Android in early 2011?

Netflix Logo Netflix dazzled the Windows Phone 7 platform with its enthralling app. The official Netflix blog elucidates that the company has extended all its efforts to offer an exciting app on Android devices but fails to do so since there has been lack of generic and complete platform security as well as content protection mechanism.

Security issues that caused piracy problems on the Android platform restrict Netflix from attaining Digital Rights Management system on the devices. They also need to meet certain requirement in order to get hold of content from major studios for users to enjoy. The blog also states that the company can collaborate with handset manufactures to enhance content protection on the devices.

Disappointingly, the approach seems to be sluggish and offers a fragmented experience on Android since few mobile phones can access Netflix while others are not lucky enough. The company apologizes for this uncertainty but shares that offering their service on some devices is better than denying it for all.

The company will consistently strive hard and work jointly with the Android community, handset manufacturers, carriers and other service providers to create a standard platform which will permit content providers to put forth their services to all Android-based devices.

Netflix is anticipated to roll out few Android devices that will instantly stream from Netflix early 2011.

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