AccessoriesGenius SP-i250G speakers get thumpy with iOS devices

Genius SP-i250G speakers get thumpy with iOS devices

Genius SP i250G 01

With iDevices finding a new companion every other day, the Genius SP-i250G speakers are just the latest and they bring in a musical touch. So those who are constantly on the move and insistent on external speakers may probably look in this direction.

With regards to their main function, the 40mm omni-directional neodymium speakers tout to deliver decent quality acoustics. Prospective users can plug the gold-plated 3.5mm jack into any iOS device like an iPad or an iPod or even a notebook and encounter the ‘full spectrum of sound.’

For adjusting the volume and turning the speakers on or off, simply twisting the chassis is deemed to work. Serving as an enticement for the visual senses is the fact that each features an LED ring at the center which changes colors when the music is playing.

Genius SP i250G 02

These speakers profess 6 watts of power output and can work together or separately while reeling out music. They can be employed for a span of 8 hours on a single charge, owing to the built-in lithium battery. When the juice is over, just hooking up the included USB cable to a notebook or desktop port should power them quickly.

A travel pouch is also bundled into the package to allow for porting these Genius accessories without damaging them. As for the other attributes, they feature a frequency response in the range of 100Hz to 20KHz and carry 80dB signal-to-noise ratio.

With respect to the Genius SP-i250G price and availability details, it can be picked up for $49.99 in stores across the US and Canada.

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