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Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app for indoor mapping needs

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Even Mountain View thinks that the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app is most likely to grab the attention of map enthusiasts and venue owners. Presently, this software is only available to those in the US who have uploaded floor plans via the Google Maps Floor Plans tool.

Basically, business owners can submit detailed floor plans of their venues so that the concerned places can be seen on Google Maps. The company intends to make the blue dot icon found in My Location accessible to Android users when inside a particular place.

“Using the app, you collect data from sources such as GPS, cell tower, and publicly broadcast WiFi information that can help us make the My Location feature’s familiar ‘blue dot’ icon accessible for Android users when they’re inside the venue. The time it takes to complete this process depends on the size of the venue, but you can pause and resume a marking task at any time if you want to take breaks,” states a post on the official Google Lat Long blog.

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Publicly broadcast Wi-Fi data and GPS or cell tower information will help visitors locate which floor they are on when at a particular place and help them explore the location more easily. In case of buildings with multiple floors, the app is designed to intuitively update the right floor if the person in question goes up or down levels.

The Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app can now be downloaded via Google Play. It is presently available in English for the US.

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