AppleFive cosmetic makeover applications on iPhone revealed by ModiFace

Five cosmetic makeover applications on iPhone revealed by ModiFace

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Users who like experimenting with new accessories, cosmetics and hairstyles have something to look up to. ModiFace has revealed 5 new virtual makeover applications for the Apple iPhone. So iPhone users can now play around with their captured photos and enjoy getting a virtual makeover for themselves.

The new series of applications shoots out of popular websites created by ModiFace and is based on thorough research in consultation with professional experts like plastic surgeons, weight loss clinicians and color cosmeticians. ModiFace has advanced its technology recently with concrete research done over the years. These new applications keep users engaged in instant and realistic beauty activities which are performed on their uploaded photos.

“With ModiFace’s new applications for iPhones, device owners can take pictures and gain realistic visualizations in a variety of beauty areas. All of our applications are fully automatic, requiring no manual calibration. Just snap a photo and let the application do the work,” stated Dr. Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO of ModiFace

The first application is termed WeightMirror. This application will evaluate how the phone owner would look before as well as after losing up to 50 pounds of weight. ColourTry, the other application will give users a chance to imagine how they would look in nearly 100 different hair colors and shades.

There’s also a NewBeauty anti ageing application that will show users their image with fewer age spots, lesser wrinkles, smaller nose and various other customizable options. The fourth simulation called Makeup allows the user to toy with cosmetic products of various shades from lipsticks and blush to eye-shadow. The latest ModiFace iPhone application called HairMixer is expected to be out by early June and will enable users to see how they would look with different hairstyles.

All the applications for the iPhone by ModiFace are available via the Apple App Store.

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