Firefox for N900 hits Ovi Store

Firefox Nokia N900

Staying up-to-date and enjoying a faster, safer and smarter way to surf the web has never been so easy. Firefox for Nokia N900 smartphone is ready to download directly from the Ovi Store. Officially released at the start of the month on the Mozilla website, the new application is now ready for users to download.

The app offers users the ability to sync with their desktop or laptop browser. Using the Weave Sync plugin, users can create a Weave account and keep all their browsers in Sync. With this new Firefox mobile, users can also pull up pages from their history on a mobile device, which they previously browsed on their desktop.

To make browsing better, Firefox app enables users to bookmark, search and organize Websites quickly and easily. Users can remember site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up, surf the Web without leaving a single trace, and instantly change the look of their Firefox with thousands of easy-to-install themes.

Nokia N900 owners can download the Firefox app from the Ovi Store.