AppleComputer Relief App for iPhone unleashed

Computer Relief App for iPhone unleashed

Computer Relief App So many of us working in front of the computer everyday seem to suffer from back pain. Approximately, one half of all working Americans report suffering from back pain symptoms every year. Well, don’t fret! Relief appears to have arrived in the form of the new Computer Relief i.e. Computer Rx – YogaMD app for iPhone.

The app is developed by Mary Schatz, M.D., author of the best-selling yoga book Back Care Basics. This iPhone app coaches users with simple and mild yoga poses and practices that can enhance posture, breathing, and stress levels, be it in work or home.

The Computer Relief app is offered in a thorough and animated audio-visual format. The application also supplies advice on how to sit tall, stand tall, stretch, and relax. YogAlert, an incorporated reminder system can enable users to motivate frequent practice and breaks. With this app, one could build on therapeutic habits that can avert injury, develop core strength, and get rid of stress. And this is all possible even with the users being in their work station.

This app offers around 21 easy and effectual yoga poses that can be carried out even in the workplace. These lessons are claimed to be swift and easy to understand that can ease stress and generate strength. Users also receive two gentle audio relaxations to facilitate stress relief. With this app, users can also access detailed images with energetic movements.

Users are also given audio description tips along with motivation from Dr. Schatz. The app comes with a computer relief diary to trail the improvement and place personal goals. One can also use Twitter and ‘Tell A Friend’ networks to rejoice the accomplishments achieved through the app. The app is also available with feedback links to share ideas, queries and comments of users.

The Computer Relief app for iPhone is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

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