Clarion Next Gate in-vehicle device controls iPhone apps

Clarion Next Gate 01

The newly unveiled Clarion Next Gate serves as a smartphone controller while users are at the wheel. Optimized to work with the iPhone, it gets easily hooked up to the handset and controls its apps.

The device is built to be docked onto the concerned vehicle’s windshield and it can be attached to the iPhone’s connector for data transfers. An application called Clarion Smart Access app manager assists the process and is available for download via iTunes.

In terms of its hardware attributes, the accessory sports a 7-inch WVGA LCD touch panel monitor along with various other components like a microSD slot, blue LED buttons and indicators, an integrated microphone, a built-in speaker, an external microphone as well as an auxiliary audio output. The Clarion Next Gate rubs along nicely with the iPhone 4S and 4. A 12-volt power adapter supplies the juice even while the peripheral is still in use.

The company has partnered with Pandora, Vlingo, InfoGation, Tuneln, Inrix Traffic and others for facilitating operations on the phone while driving. The Smart Access Cloud Telematics Service will allow potential users to get their hands on extra apps that are presently under development and soon to arrive. The basic Bluetooth function enables hands-free conversations and other features like voice activation or voice dialing, while the eyes are still fixated on the road.

”Clarion Next Gate exemplifies the future of in-vehicle electronics with the necessity to connect to and leverage the devices consumers bring into the vehicle. The Next GATE will revolutionize the way people communicate and access information in the vehicle via their iPhone in an intuitive and user-friendly way, keeping their focus on driving,” commented Paul Lachner, President of Clarion Corporation of America.

Vlingo serves to aid users in connecting to social networks via voice recognition technology and everyone will know Pandora as an internet radio app. Tuneln brings forth a horde of radio stations and Inrix Traffic is dedicated to help drivers save on time, traffic and gas while reaching their destination. Finally, InfoGation is an app that provides users with step-by-step navigational directions based on graphics and full screen maps.

The Clarion Next Gate release date and price details are marked at June 1 and $269.99, respectively.