Blue Screen of Death makes an appearance on the iPhone 5S

Remember the Blue Screen of Death that is a frequent phenomenon on previous generation Windows PCs? Well, you will be surprised to hear that it is making appearances on quite a few iPhone 5S units. Apple forums have been getting complains from users of this gadget after they witnessed their screens going blue.

The guys over at The Verge came across the video posted by Elendil on YouTube which clearly shows the Blue Screen of Death appearing on the phone and causing the device to reboot automatically. Most of the users who have shared their problems in Apple forums seem to have experienced it after starting the iWork suite.

Be it Numbers or Pages, iPhone 5S owners see the said-colored screen if they try to return to the homescreen when working on any of these applications. While iWork is the pre-dominant culprit in iOS 7, some people say that it occurs even in other applications like Safari, FaceTime, camera, music and more.

The problem is mainly associated with the iPhone 5S and 5C which is also based on the latest operating system from the company, has managed to keep itself away from the BSOD. It should be noted that users who have upgraded their old iPhones to the new platform have not complained about anything like this. iPads running iOS 7 are also working fine, but we did see a couple of people who experienced it on their slates.

Apple has yet to acknowledge the Blue Screen of Death and provide fixes for this bug. It looks like the iPhone 5S is not programmed to handle multitasking. As of now we do not have a solution, but we will be back with as soon as the company provides one.