AppleApple Vision Pro Release Date Set For This February

Apple Vision Pro Release Date Set For This February

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has kept its promise of releasing the Vision Pro headset early in 2024, even as the company has announced a February 2 launch date for the device in the US. Prospective buyers will be able to pre-order it from January 19 onwards via Apple Stores and the company’s web store.

Described as the “first Apple product you look through, and not at,” the Apple Vision Pro was unveiled at last year’s WWDC by CEO Tim Cook. It comes with its own operating system called visionOS and is aimed at providing both productivity and entertainment experiences.

This headset from Apple supports augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies and can even be paired with Mac devices. Thanks to its multiple cameras, wearing the headset still means you will get a view of everything in front of you.

The interface of the Vision Pro will appear as an overlay, allowing you to view photos and videos, participate in video calls, and much more. You can even go full VR for viewing videos or watching movies and TV shows in an experience that makes you feel like you’re in a theatre.

The Vision Pro works thanks to a big battery pack that always needs to be connected to it, so you will need to carry it in your pocket when you’re moving around. Even so, it can only provide a maximum of 2 hours of charge on a single charge.

It runs on the Apple M2 chip and also includes a new Apple silicon named R1, which is meant for precise head and hand tracking, along with real-time 3D mapping and eye-tracking.

As you probably know, the Apple Vision Pro isn’t cheap. Its starting price of $3500 keeps it out of reach of major audiences but it’ll still be interesting to see its sales numbers once it goes on shelves on February 2.

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