Apple stops UPS from delivering iPhones early

Apple UPS logo According to recent news, Apple has already started selling some of the pre-ordered iPhone 3G S phones. Users under the impression that they will receive their iPhone 3G S before June 19 will be disappointed as that will not be the case.

Although UPS can deliver iPhones to buyers a couple of days earlier, there has been some kind of order issued by Apple to hold back the sale of those early iPhone 3G S phones. It has been confirmed that Apple has actively coordinated with UPS to hold on to the packages until a ‘future delivery date’. The shipped iPhone 3G S phones now keep this status: THE RECEIVER REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE. UPS WILL ATTEMPT DELIVERY ON DATE REQUESTED.

The delivery date hasn’t been specified as yet. However, this could indicate that buyers have to wait until 19th of June (which is today), to obtain their iPhone.

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