App Inventor for Android now open to all with Google accounts

App Inventor Android

Bored of using apps created by others? Well, the users can now effortlessly create their own personal applications. Wondering how, well think no further simply read on. App Inventor for Android is now open for all who simply have a Google account. Apparently the folks at Google Research blog were pretty impressed with the kind of software that was created using App Inventor.

Thus, the company has decided to open it for all enabling them to create Android apps for their personal use. Android users can now let their creativity spread its wings as they come up with ideas to create applications. The blog has even posted some really cool ones that have been previously created like the marriage proposal app.

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This Google Labs experiment allow all sorts of individuals including teachers, students, parents, programming hobbyists and several others explore Android in a more personal and enjoyable way. Users can hop onto the App Inventor homepage and sign into their Google accounts to get started. In fact, handset owners can delve into this service and pull out the ideal Christmas gift for their loved ones this holiday season.