AppleAmido rolls out Touch DJ app for iPhone

Amido rolls out Touch DJ app for iPhone

Touch DJ AppThe iPhone is certainly a multi-faceted device with a variety of apps being released for users practically everyday. One more app being launched in the iPhone by Amido is the Touch DJ. This application provides real-time independent operation of 2 MP3/M4A files, counting looping, pitching, scratching, equalization, positioning, and effects, reveals the official Amido product page

The exclusive revolutionary easy to use interface of Touch DJ and the exceedingly superior zero-latency sound engine can offer incredible outcomes similar to what can be done with specialized hardware gear.

Conventionally, the iPhone encompasses only one stereo audio output which could expand the option of utilizing them as a DJ device. Touch DJ surmounts over this drawback by providing pioneering and exclusive means of deejaying which doesn’t need supplementary headphones for pre-listening to the tracks.

This technology is known as visual mixing and it means that the graphic display of the track waveforms adjacent to each other. The low-bass (kick) parts are identified and provided in different color as opposed to the rest sonic frequencies, making beatmatching as effortless as regulating the tracks position and pitch so that the kick parts become visually coordinated.

As an option for the users who actually want to pre-listen to the tracks, Touch DJ also supplied a second ‘Split’ mode of mixing which needs the utilization of a unique L/R splitting adapter.

The other attributes boasts of LP filter FX for every track, Break effects and vinyl Spin, onboard sampler with 3 sample slots. The app approves WAV files and offers the facility to record samples using the microphone. Touch DJ also comes with 25 dance tracks supplied by so that users can begin jamming away immediately.

The only drawback is that there seems to be no means to get music from iTunes to the program. The music can be received from Touch DJ’s own MP3 library. To get one’s own music into Touch DJ, users can use Wi-Fi or companion programs accessible for PC (Win) and Mac OSX.

Touch DJ program is claimed to be available for $19.99.

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