Alltel Wireless introduces Voice2TXT service in US

Alltel and Spinvox Logo A network providing company, Alltel Wireless together with SpinVox a provider of Voice-to-Screen messaging has introduced a new service known as Voice2TXT. This service allows the customers to receive voicemails in text form.

The Voice2TXT service is being offered to any Alltel Wireless SMS text message capable handset. The service quickly converts the incoming voicemails to text messages in the user’s inbox.

Thus due to this service the user can directly respond to voicemails in any settings without dialing and listening to the voicemail messages. The Voice2TXT service also allows the users to store and forward converted voicemails as regular text messages and also retrieves the original voicemail.

“Our customers will appreciate the fact that they no longer have to wait for the opportune time to listen to a voicemail,” said Craig Kirkland, director of messaging and voice services for Alltel Wireless.

He further added, “With Voice2TXT, our customers have an easier way to manage their voicemails via text messages when they are in a meeting, on the go or anyplace where they cannot or do not wish to use traditional voicemail.”

Christina Domecq, co-founder and CEO of SpinVox commented, “SpinVox’s Voicemail-to-Text technology gives Alltel customers the opportunity to enjoy a real visual voicemail experience from coast to coast.” Domecq continued, “As the first major innovation in voicemail in decades, Voice2TXT as delivered by SpinVox eliminates the frustrations with dialing into voicemail by offering a discreet, efficient alternative – eliminating the need to search for a pen to write down the details of a message or navigate through a voicemail service.”

This Voice2TXT service is available in the US and the user has to pay a cost of $4.99 per month for 20 voicemail conversions each additional one will be 25 cents.

While for 50 conversions $9.99 per month with 20cents additional for each extra and $19.99 per month for 100 conversions and 10 cents extra for each additional conversions.

Alltel Wireless also offers other feature including ‘My Circle’ which allows its customers to make free calls to any 10 numbers they wish to (any network). While, it also offers Anytime Plan Changes which allows the customers to change their rate plan any time without extending their contract.