ActiveONE GPS Safety mobile phone unleashed

ActiveOne GPS Safety Handset Clayton Communications brings an innovative handset known as the ActiveONE GPS Safety mobile phone that offers routine or emergency personal assistance just by a button press.

ActiveONE’s ‘Care’ button placed at the center when pressed, connects to a professional CARE specialist/dispatcher. Users simply have to put forth the kind of assistance they need and the dispatcher will accordingly respond. The GPS safety handset features an integrated mobile medical alarm and personal emergency call system, offering advanced personal protection.

Franks, President of Clayton Communications, Inc. the national distributor said, “Now, that same potentially lifesaving technology is available as a mobile device that is small enough to go with you anywhere: at home, in car, backpack, pocket, belt or purse.”

Incase the need arises, the CARE specialist can even trace the user’s precise location by means of the built-in GPS technology. Through the proprietary call center technology, the CARE specialist can quickly identify and dispatch emergency responders from the database of local EMS, police, fire and rescue, disabled car services and others, virtually anywhere in the US.

Further, the handset allows users to place routine outgoing calls quickly by pressing one of the four pre-programmed speed dial keys.

The handset is offered for an introductory price of $99.00 (MSRP $249.00). Further, users can avail additional savings on ordering online till December 31, 2009.