7 Ways Gamification Improves Our Every Day Activities

gamificationGamification, the act of using gaming techniques in non-gaming situations has become ubiquitous. From news outlets like Buzzfeed to the US Army, hundreds of businesses, organizations and government agencies are increasing gamifying their products to increase interactivity with customers.

Although gamification’s biggest benefit is increasing user engagement, it also increases the bottom line for business. People who spend more time on a website are more likely to purchase its products. They are also likely to refer this business to their friends.

Business aside, gamification has been impacting our daily activities in more ways than you can imagine. Below are the best examples of how gamification helps improve our day to day actions.

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Makes Learning Easier and Exciting

Although some people are naturally curious, learning a foreign language, how to code or knit can be consuming. The thought of dedicating hours into something that’s hard to learn can overwhelm some, but not when gamification is involved.

Gamification encourages interactivity, socializing, completing quizzes and generally activities people are excited about. Think about a fun quiz focused on how to say greetings in a new language you’re learning. When done with fellow students, it’s easier to grasp than memorizing the terms alone.

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Besides, adding excitement to learning, gamification helps you get immediate feedback about different topics in class. If you’re engaging in a quiz about how the heart pumps blood in the body, you get answers about different arteries and veins in real-time. Essentially, it helps remind you of answers to troubling topics quickly.

It Motivates

Picture this. It’s your day off and you have $100 you’re willing to spend on a few rounds of poker or slot machines at your favorite casino. The website rewards you every time you complete quests such as triggering a bonus round.

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Wouldn’t you feel more motivated to play at the same casino over and over? What’s more, wouldn’t you be more focused on completing your quests? Of course, yes, there’s a reward after every goal achieved, after all. The best online casinos gamify their websites in numerous ways.

They have trophy hunts, contests and quests for individual players. Achieving every competition comes with a reward, sometimes a generous cash prize or free spins to play your favorite slots. In case you’re wondering, you can find the best websites for gamification from roulettesites.org.

Encourages Teamwork

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One vital element of gamification is cooperation. It requires people to work together to achieve a common goal—exactly the kind of mentality every employer wants in their employees. Your work might involve selling insurance, providing counselling or selling antique products.

Regardless, you can work as a team with your fellow workmates if your organization uses gamification to bring you together. Think of team rewards when your department achieves a monthly goal. Or consider when you use milestones to breakdown a project.

Working through gamification-elements makes a project easy and fun to complete. And since you interact more with your workmates, it helps forge a positive working environment. In turn, you can create memories and lifetime friends.

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Improves Productivity

Gamification does a lot more than motivate you to do the things you love. It also helps you achieve these goals by keeping you focused on the exact things you must do. Let’s say you want to complete an online class about persuasive communication.

It’s not something you’re naturally good at and you get stressed every time you open your course. Gamification could help you complete this course quicker. Think about it. A short quiz at the end of every lesson helps you confirm that you’ve grasped the day’s lessons.

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In turn, a charge bar shows your progress so that you understand how close you’re to completing the course. Another gamification element could be points. You earn 10 points every time you complete a lesson. These are points you can redeem for a course you like, so you’ll feel motivated to earn them.

Helps you Standout

One attractive quality of gamification is that it can help you stand out from your workmates, forum members or competitors in a tournament. Whether it’s gathering the most points from a project or getting all questions correctly from a company quiz, gamification can help people appreciate your individual performance.

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Getting recognized is an increasingly hard achievement in today’s work environment. Bosses are all about team effort or appreciating workers with the most admirable personalities. However, gamification can help a company know who their best employees are through simple mini-games. And in doing so, they can recognize appreciate these workers, an experience everyone desires.

It Can Save your Business

Over 70% of businesses fail because of poor engagement among workers. Look closely and you’ll probably identify a handful of small businesses with similar issues. Management is poor at communication with the warehouse department.

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Alternatively, the accounting sector doesn’t corporate with the sales department. And as a result, one or more departments fail. The result is a company that can’t achieve its bottom line. In turn, it can’t pay employees on time, which leads to frequent turnovers.

If your business is suffering from communication issues, you can save it by introducing gamification elements. Create a reward program through which hard working employees get bonuses. Then create goals for different departments and have everyone work together to achieve them.

Of course, if the problem is that different departments don’t communicate, focus less on competitions and more on working together.

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It Can help you Save Money

These days, gamification is at nearly every shopping website. Does your favorite retail store give you loyalty points you can redeem for a product? That’s gamification in work. So, you receive a cashback offer after every month? That’s gamification once more.

Whether it’s loyalty points, a cashback program or a survey that leads to a $10 discount, these are examples of gamification that can help you save money. The beauty of it is that these programs making your shopping experience fun. And on top of that, they give you a chance to save money over time.

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