GoogleYouTube 2.1 App augments overall Android experience

YouTube 2.1 App augments overall Android experience

YouTube 2.1 App YouTube has extended its efforts to replicate the entire YouTube desktop experience on various mobile devices. The official Google Mobile blog has elucidated that the YouTube app version 2.1 can be snapped up through the Android Market.

The in-page playback feature enables users to read the video description and effortlessly browse related, rate or flag videos without disrupting video playback. Individuals can post a comment even when the video is being played and quickly access new videos from their subscriptions. The app puts forth subscription updates directly on the homescreen when users log in to their accounts.

The utility level is further amplified since owners can enjoy a full-screen mode simply by rotating their handsets. The new player controls enhance the entire navigation experience and users can seamlessly tap the screen to pause or resume the playback. Further, the app lends support to various Android 2.2 devices and comes integrated on various upcoming Android 2.3 handsets like the Nexus S.

The app can now be downloaded from the Android Market.

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