Windows Phone 7.5 update to roll out in a couple of weeks

Windows Phone 7.5 Update

The Mango or Windows Phone 7.5 update will most probably be arriving within a couple of weeks. According to the official Windows Phone blog, the company’s team has been working hard for quite some time and they will also be refreshing the Where’s My Phone Update? table to reflect the worldwide rollout status.

The blog also warns users against installing unofficial or leaked copies of the Windows Phone software and tells them to avoid bootleg updates and homebrew tools. When the Mango update starts rolling out, each Windows Phone will receive software from the handset manufacturer. This software has been tuned in a way that the phone and apps function smoothly with all the new features of Windows Phone 7.5.

Upgraded versions of the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac as well as the Zune software for PCs, which users would need to update their phone with, were recently launched. These updates claim to speed up the overall functioning and offer users more control over backups.

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 update will supposedly feature more than 500 new features such as built-in multitasking, Windows Live Messenger and Twitter support. The Start screen will allow users to create customized live tiles for their friends. The updated People Hub will reportedly save users’ time by providing a single interface for Facebook, LinkedIn, Outlook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger updates.