Windows Phone $25 prepaid app card offer revealed

Windows Phone $25 App Card

The holiday season seems to be a good opportunity to lay hands on interesting gizmos and offers like this one where Microsoft has introduced the Windows Phone $25 prepaid app card offer. Users who purchase a Windows Phone handset are entitled to receive an app card worth $25 till the offer is valid, as reported in the Windows Phone blog.

With this card, the app library will most probably be bolstered with lots of favorites such as social networking apps among others as well as exciting Xbox Live games. There are certain guidelines put forward by the company for users who wish to strike this interesting deal. Those purchasing a Windows Phone handset between November 2 and December 31, 2011 will receive the app card. Importantly, people have to enter their mobile phone numbers and IMEI or MEID number at Microsoft’s redemption page.


After receiving these details, a prepaid debit card worth $25 will be emailed to the user’s account. The company has clued in everyone to use the card for purchasing some otherwise expensive apps and games that may just eat right through the pocket. To tantalize various taste buds, there is a vast sea of choice to opt for ranging from fun titles to more serious apps.

There is no doubt that such cool offers are good avenues to kickstart a new OS with a chance to purchase some scintillating apps. The Windows Phone $25 prepaid app card offer is up for grabs in the U. S, presently. The last date for sending in the details is 14 February, 2012 and the company has urged users to enter valid and correct numbers.