WhatsApp amends privacy policy, to share data with Facebook

In a stunning reversal of its famed stand on privacy, WhatApp will now share registered account information with Facebook. The app has updated its Terms of Service and Privacy to permit the exchange which is activated only after user approval.

According to its blog post, WhatsApp’s information exchange will enable organizations to communicate with you by sending bank and product delivery notifications, appointment information, and flight status updates through the app. This also allows other companies to send you offers. However, the application will not allow advertisements to be flashed in it.


WhatsApp is claiming that the trade with Facebook will enable it to work in correlation with its parent company to improve services and reduce spam across apps. The new terms can coordinate with and allow the site to target you with pertinent advertisements and offers. It will also give relevant friend suggestions using the obtained details.

The data shared with Facebook does not permit the social media platform to interfere with your WhatsApp chats. The company clarified that end-to-end encryption in the app prevents any third entity from reading a conversation between two users. Likewise, the former’s activity will not be displayed on latter.

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There is an option to prevent the sharing of data with Facebook. You can choose not to send details when on the approval page. If you have already given permission and want to undo it, go to the settings menu in WhatsApp and select Account. Here you can uncheck ‘Share My Account Info’ to stop the exchange.