VoIP application for the Palm Pre released by Voxofon

Voxofon Logo A leader in providing convenient mobile applications for its VoIP service, Voxofon has revealed a new mobile voice over Internet (VoIP) application.

It is specifically designed for the new Palm Pre WebOS platform. With this new offering, the company has expanded the availability of its low-cost international calling services.

Later this year, it is expected that this new application will be offered on the Palm App Catalog as well. Users can conveniently install the application by visiting the official website of the company. Moreover, the website includes a small video that will guide users on how to use the service.

Alexey Goloshubin, CEO of Voxofon has mentioned that the demand for such applications has increased as smartphones have gained immense popularity these days. The company has introduced similar applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

He further quoted, “VoIP technology offers great savings for international calling, but until recently it hasn’t been readily available on mobile phones, whose users have traditionally paid a premium for long-distance service. We are very pleased to be able to add Palm Pre users to our smart phone customer base.”

The application will enable users to make low-cost international calls by simply clicking on the company’s icon placed on the screen of the handset. This service will allow them to make numerous calls through their smart phone, computer, landline or any other mobile phone.

The best part about this application is that there is no need of a Wi-Fi connection and will function wherever the mobile phone has coverage. Customers don’t have to pay any monthly fees or contracts to access the VoIP application.