SoftwareVirtual DJ application for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Virtual DJ application for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Virtual DJ application

Mobile phones are these days used as music devices and slowly MP3 players are also getting replaced by them. No party is complete without music and these days without a DJ it can be boring. But sometimes expenses for calling a DJ may not be in your budget. However, you can now be a DJ at your party thanks to the WinMo application Virtual DJ that has been introduced for Windows Mobile phones.

The DJ application will turn your smartphone into a live DJ. It is a fantastic mixing tool, where you can mix MP3 songs manually or automatically as well as edit and compile playlists. The touchscreen support of your smartphone enables you to do the mixing swiftly. Counting the beats per minute, setting cue points and sorting playlist all can be done quickly.

The application will provide all the features and functions of a live DJ. Loop feature is integrated with 3D sound effects such as jingles, horns , explosions and lots more is store in for you. By setting the start and end point of MP3 files you can make transitions from one track to another. The beatcounter function will enable the user to detect the speed or tempo of the songs in beats per minute.

Get ready to dance on the remixes that you make and throw a party for your friends. The Virtual DJ is available for free trial period. You can also purchase the mobile version for $12.99.

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