GamesThe Oregon Trail by Gameloft out for iPhone gaming enthusiasts

The Oregon Trail by Gameloft out for iPhone gaming enthusiasts

The Oregon Trail App

Alright, the irresistible pioneering adventure game has pranced back to take gamers to an exciting, historical side-scrolling ride. Yes, to engross gaming admirers, The Oregon Trail by Gameloft has just made its way for the iPhone.

Bringing a wilder encounter, the time-gripping game features eight skill-based mini-games, including two accelerometer-based challenges; hunting, fishing, river crossing, rafting, wagon repairing, telegraph, berry picking, and gold planning. Radom events have been included as well to pyramid the challenge and the excitement level.

Those agog about playing fun-filled titles can now select the members of their party, choose their departure date and purchase supplies. Users can also experience historical references through real locations and famous characters from the past, plus the historic facts which adequately illustrate the perilous journey of pioneers. Apart from this, The Oregon Trail has been revamped with modern, colored graphics in a cartoonish style.

To augment the excitement of the journey, the game topples side-missions to affect the westward trek. The new app further enables gamers to post their achievements on their Facebook Wall and challenge their friends by inviting them to play The Oregon Trail with the ‘Tell A Friend’ feature.

Filled with crisp and incredible high-resolution graphics, the entrancing The Oregon Trail for iPhone can now be downloaded for just $0.99 from Appleā€™s App Store.

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