SoftwareSkyfire 1.5 for Windows Mobile released

Skyfire 1.5 for Windows Mobile released

SkyFire Logo Browsing from Windows Mobile handsets is now made easier with the latest Skyfire 1.5 browser. With its intuitive finger-friendly user interface, browsing speed is enhanced considerably.

The Skyfire browser supports both touch (PPC) and non touchscreens (SMP) and offers native support for the high resolution VGA and wVGA screens. Additionally, kinetic scrolling is added to the browser, enabling users to pan or flick the screen to smoothly move in any direction. With crisp text and stunning graphics, user experience is enhanced further.

Skyfire 1.5 employs the company’s Cloud Computing centers to boost the handsets’ native capabilities. The upgraded browser assures that a text entry box moves into view, incase the virtual (on-screen) keyboard covers it.

For maximum page visibility, SkyFire 1.5 allows users to browse in full screen mode with no UI elements on the touchscreen. Further, the Skyfire browser features updated Flash and Silverlight. The start page is also optimized for high resolution devices.

Skyfire 1.5 for Symbian will include support for third and fifth edition devices and will be released soon.

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