AppleShopRite and MyWebGrocer unfurls ShopRite Weekly Specials for iPhone

ShopRite and MyWebGrocer unfurls ShopRite Weekly Specials for iPhone

ShopRite Weekly Specials App

Hectic lifestyles leave one with very little time for shopping. Now-a-days, taking time out to even purchase essential grocery items is quite tough. So to hopefully eliminate this problem, ShopRite along with MyWebGrocer has come up with a new iPhone App to aid users in saving time and money during shopping.

The new ShopRite Weekly Specials App enables shoppers to surf an online version of the weekly sales circular and insert items immediately to their grocery-shopping list from their iPhone. ShopRite claimed to be the first grocery store to supply its weekly sales details on an iPhone.

Cheryl Williams, ShopRite VP of Marketing, commented, “We have a lot of customers who plan their shopping lists based on what’s on sale. The new ShopRite Weekly Specials App is a great tool that can help them save time and money. This new App not only helps our customers save money, but more importantly, it takes our ShopRite message to them wherever they may be. We want to do everything we can to enhance the customer experience at ShopRite and the iPhone App is a mobile extension of those efforts. Our customers are constantly on-the-go — our goal was to provide them with a mobile solution that makes sense for their lifestyle.”

“This App provides shoppers the opportunity to create highly-customized, brand-specific, budget conscious grocery orders with minimal effort. Thanks to our mobile platform, it’s never been easier to create a budget-conscious shopping list,” stated MyWebGrocer’s EVP, Alec Newcomb.

An additional benefit of this application is that all the information is offered in real time. Creating out-of-date coupons is history now. Users can leaf though items virtually sitting anywhere be it attending an annual day function of their child or when they are busy working.

The app can be downloaded for no charge from the iTunes store.

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