Sennheiser and adidas roll out four new headphones for iPhone users

Sennheiser adidas headphones

Just yesterday we had reported on the Griffin TuneFlex AUX HandsFree being launched for the iPhone. Well, now it seems that iPhone owners are going to have a wider choice as Sennheiser and adidas introduce four new products for them. The duo has decide to expand their current joint lineup of headphones with MX 680i Sports, CX 680i Sports, OMX 680i Sports and PMX 680i Sports models.

These four offerings are allows users to switch from music to answering calls. These audio solutions boast of blending in ‘top-quality sound and maximum functionality with a convenient hands-free system’. They deliver powerful bass and stimulating sound with crystal-clear highs. The remote control is fitted with a button which lets handset owners control several functions depending on how frequently it is pressed or for how long. This would help audiophiles play, pause or skip to the next/previous song.

“The remote and microphone unit integrated into the cable allow you to seamlessly switch between music and calls at the push of a button,” said Eric Stubbert, channel manager for consumer electronics at Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. “If the phone rings, the music is automatically paused and restarts as soon as the phone call is finished. This ensures that you never miss an incoming call or your favorite song.”

With these four Sennheiser/adidas Sports headsets, athletes can answer, dial or end calls using the control button in between workouts. Moreover, if the iPhone Voice Control is turned on then they can even dial a number or select songs by saying it in the microphone. A convenient cable clip has been fitted to keep the microphone and cable secured.

These audio solutions are crafted with Sennheiser’s moisture protection system protecting it from rain and sweat. Additionally, even lets users rinse it under the tap. Lined with tough and hard-wearing materials, it is impervious to vibrations. Even at frigid temperatures, the reinforced cables are claimed to be flexible and soft.

The CX 680i Sports flaunts an ear-canal design, whereas MX 680i Sports an earbud one. The OMX 680i Sports is crafted with an ear-clip style, while the PMX 680i Sports furnishes a neckband look. All of them allow users to control the latest generations of the iPhone.

Retailing via Sennheiser’s distribution network, iPhone owners can also procure it from Apple Stores and its official website. The CX 680i Sports, MX 680i Sports, OMX 680i Sports and PMX 680i Sports are priced at $129.95, $89.95, $89.95, and $89.95, respectively.