6 Popular Android Apps To Enjoy Life Under Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly gave us a lot to be gloomy about last year, and there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel. As we face second and third waves amidst vaccination drives, most of us are still working from home and experiencing the quarantine blues. Boredom is consistently on the cards and it can’t always be cured with cooking, watching movies, or playing board games. Sometimes, something as simple as an app can help cheer you up, which is why we’ve decided to create a list of Android apps that you can download right now to make the most of lockdown life.

1 – Headspace


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With so much going on around us, it’s difficult to maintain proper mental health. Headspace is an app that lets you do just that with mindfulness techniques. The app only demands a few minutes of your day in order to train your mind and body for a healthier, happier, and stress-free life. Headspace features some really helpful meditation and relaxation techniques that allow you to feel more relaxed, and manage your stress and anxiety. One of the things we love about this app is its sleep sounds section that can ensure that you fall asleep in the most peaceful way possible.

2 – 10CRIC


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Despite the pandemic still raging around the world, sports have thankfully found a way to make a comeback. 10CRIC is an app meant for sports betting enthusiasts to add an extra layer of excitement to the experience of watching their favorite sport. It’s a completely legal betting site where you can participate in sports betting markets for over 60 different sports. Pre-match betting, live betting as well as outright betting markets are available within this online casino app. And it’s got handy payment methods inside it, making it easy to transfer your winnings to your bank accounts. The experience of using the app is also a pleasing one thanks to its clean and easy-to-use user interface.

3 – Duolingo


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Your vacation to Spain got canceled due to the pandemic? Well, at least you can be more prepared for it when you finally visit the country once things go back to normal. Duolingo can allow you to learn Spanish, and over 30 other languages free of cost. The app prides itself on its unique teaching techniques that help you learn basics within days. There are bite-sized lessons that are complemented by regular tests to see how much progress you’ve made. Duolingo also benefits from a neat user interface, which makes it a treat to use.

4 – Adidas Training

Adidas Training

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Not going to the gym can seriously affect fitness goals. An app like Adidas Training allows you to pursue your fitness journey from the confines of your home. It can come up with curated workouts complete with accurate visuals on how to perform certain exercises. These are simple yet highly effective workouts that can be performed without the aid of any equipment.

5 – Forest


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Forest is a genius concept and one of the most innovative apps to have come out in recent times. It has been made as a response to the many distractive tactics that other apps use in order to make you keep scrolling through their feeds for no apparent reason. Forest rewards you for not doing that. It asks you to plant a virtual tree and tend to it when you need to stay focused. If you manage to commit to your task without getting distracted, your tree grows. If you don’t, your tree dies. Over time, you can have an entire forest built from your focus and commitment.

6 – Yummly


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If you’re someone who likes cooking, you’ll love Yummly since it can act as your complete cooking companion. Not only does it offer recipe recommendations based on everything that you’ve got available in your fridge, but it also delivers handy tools and helpful videos to guide you through the process of making your food. The best thing about Yummly is that you it customizes its entire feed and recommendations based on your choices. So in case you’re allergic to dairy products, it won’t show you any recipes that include them. Or perhaps if you’ve just started on a paleo diet, Yummly will show you guided recipes that only include the appropriate food.

Life in quarantine can be hard but we’ve all tried to find those small little tricks that help us get through it. The few apps we’ve listed above should definitely allow you to dodge those lockdown blues, so do give them all a try.

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