ApplePhatNotes upgrades to 2.0 for iPhone

PhatNotes upgrades to 2.0 for iPhone

PhatNotes 2.0Budding professional and other iPhone users these days need to multi-task and keep track on their busy schedules. PhatWare Corporation has brought out an updated 2.0 version of PhatNotes. The new offering is the company’s sophisticated handwriting recognition software designed for the iPhone. The latest version packs in new features and now enables the software to work on iOS 4.

This software helps users manage and add-in new notes while enabling them to sort out the notes in fields like color, priority, category, subject, authorization, creation and modification dates. The PhatNotes software equips the WritePad handwriting recognition technology for quicker text input coupled with keyboard entry. It supplies a complete synchronization with the PhatNotes Desktop software.

“We are continuously improving our product line to deliver the most comprehensive and easy to use software for our customers.” asserted Serena Perley, Director of Marketing of PhatWare Corp. “With the release of PhatNotes for iPhone 2.0 we are pleased to further improve one of PhatWare’s oldest products, delivering full compatibility with iPhone OS 4.0 and integration with the latest version of WritePad handwriting recognition technology.”

The new PhatNotes 2.0 app leverages on the latest iPhone operating system to enhance its performance and make it more user-friendly with respect to its usability and look. The app has included various new attributes with its iOS 4 support. It also features the newer version of the WritePad technology which has a new pack of features like custom menu commands, inline gestures, improved spell checker and more.

The company has optimized the User Reminders alarm so that it can now function without any access to the internet. Users could even customize the appearance of the note editor by altering the font or color of the page, text or ink. The app has received a makeover with upgraded graphics. This has augmented the entire look of the app so that it appears more appealing on high-resolution screens of the iPhone.

The PhatNotes 2.0 is customized for the iOS 4 and functions on the iPhone. It can be downloaded for $9.99from the App Store. PhatNotes and a free upgrade are also available on iTunes store.

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