Ovi brings Moodagent for Nokia S40 Touch and Type phones

Ovi Moodagent App

Music aficionados will now be able to match their favorite music stored on their mobile phones to their current mood, without having to play them manually. According to the official Ovi blog, a new app called Moodagent that plays tracks based on users’ mood has been released for Nokia S40 Touch and Type handsets.

The innovative app enables music lovers to create personalized playlists for any mood or occasion. It automatically profiles and analyzes the entire stored music collection to better suit users’ changing mood. To exemplify, if the user is feeling like listening to a gloomy track or searching for tunes to match the rainy weather outside, all they need to do is simply move the sliders.

In addition to this, people can seamlessly set the sliders to pick or mix any particular song to start. On selecting any particular track, the app instantly creates a custom playlist based on the current playing song. It is compatible with Nokia devices based on S40 platform sporting touch and type capabilities.

Available through Ovi Store, the new Moodagent app can now be downloaded by coughing up Rs. 75.