OtterBox covers LG Ally, HTC Imagio and Nokia X6 with Commuter and Defender cases

Otterbox Ally,Imagio Cases

It’s not necessary that all bodyguards need be ugly, grumpy and rude. Well, the same applies to protection cases for handsets as well. For those looking for a eye-catchy yet protective sheath to cover their delicate pieces, OtterBox has just revealed six new cases to protect and complement their sense of style. The company now offers OtterBox Commuter Series cases for the LG Ally, LG GW620 smartphone, HTC Imagio, Nokia X6 and Samsung Moment, as well as a Defender Series case for the HTC Hero.

The cases provide added protection from shocks and bumps, and ensure that the handset doesn’t get affected by the drops of water. These cases are fashionably designed and impressively add to the user’s personality without compromising on the device’s protection.

“The OtterBox Commuter Series and Defender Series offer two different options for great protection,” asserts OtterBox CEO and founder, Curt Richardson. “No matter which line you choose, you are still investing in protection for your device and that is the most important part.”

The Commuter Series cases blend the features of the Defender and Impact Series in order to procure a hybrid design which is sturdy yet stylish. Featuring a sleek, gorgeous body, the solution boasts of its three shielding layers. The first layer consisting of a silicone skin swathed around the smartphone provides a grip and extra shock absorption. The second layer is made up of a polycarbonate shell that snaps around the silicone encasing the back and sides of the handset, enabling it to effortlessly slide in and out of the user’s pocket or bag. Lastly comes a self-adhering screen film to prevent scratches.

The Defender Series shields the HTC Hero from bump, shock, drop and dust. Crafted for those tough and rugged days, the new series offers a polycarbonate shell with a silicone overlay to sheath the mobile device while giving a grip to prevent it from slipping and falling down. The Defender cases pack in a ratcheting belt-clip for users to clasp on the Hero.

The Commuter cases come with a price tag of $34.95, while the Defender cases will make users fork out $49.95.