Ola launches new auto-connect Wi-Fi service

Popular taxi app Ola has launched a new auto-connect Wi-Fi service for its Prime customers which allows them to automatically hook up to a cab’s Wi-Fi without having to enter login details every time. It’s also announced that it’s planning to extend this to Micro, Mini and autorickshaw users soon.

While Ola Wi-Fi is free for Prime patrons, the company has not made it clear whether budget consumers will have to shell out money to use the service. The brand’s Head of Categories and Chief Marketing Officer Raghuvesh Sarup told PTI that over 200TB of data was consumed by Prime users every month.

Ola Wi-Fi

The move towards one-step authentication should be a welcome one for customers frustrated by having to enter login credentials every time they enter an Ola taxi. The feature has already been rolled out to Android users and will be sent out to Windows and iOS soon.

To start using Ola Wi-Fi, all a user has to do is head to the Track Your Ride screen and tap on the Wi-Fi tab. Their unique access point name and password will be displayed in the subsequent screen. They’ll then have to go to their phone’s settings and enter the password. Once this has been completed, they’ll be automatically connected to the network in all subsequent rides.

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You can download the updated Ola app via the Google Play Store. It should hit iTunes and the Windows Store soon.