MusicID for iPhone goes to 90 countries

MusicID With Lyrics

Music lovers who own an iPhone may want to get their hands on this application for the device. Gravity Mobile has announced that MusicID for iPhone is now available in 90 nations and lends support to Japanese, French, German as well as Spanish languages. This music discovery application offers users a number of ways to get to their favorite tracks and explore new music.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by iPhone and iPod touch users around the world as providing some of the best music identification and exploration experiences available today, and are thrilled to now bring those experiences to the global market. We believe MusicID is a groundbreaking music discovery resource for music fans that will continue to allow them to enjoy content in ways they have never been able to before,” affirmed Noah Hurwitz, co-founder and general manager, Gravity Mobile.

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The application taps into the comprehensive Gracenote Global Media Database in order to offer this service. MusicID with Lyrics enables users to obtain music information by searching artist or track name or entering a line from the lyrics. What’s more, they can simply hold the iPhone up to music playing nearby in order to discover new tracks. The application delivers song information including lyrics, biographies, cover art, recommendations and links directly into the iTunes catalog of tracks.

It was just last year that Gravity Mobile announced AT&T’s launch of MusicID on over fifty AT&T handsets. MusicID with Lyrics is available for the iPhone/iPod touch through the Apple App Store.

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