Motorola’s New Concept Phone can Multi-Task with its Novel Dual Cameras

Motorola Concept Phone

Designed by Lysandre Follet from Paris, Motorola has come up with the most uncommon camera setup, where both the cameras are placed side by side at the back of the handset.

Also the mobile phone has a special feature of creating 3D images by utilizing special transparent gels that can be applied on the lens of the camera, for e.g. red gel on one camera and blue on the other.

Also one can take pictures from one camera and shoot a video on the other. This feature definitely proves the multi-tasking functionality of this Motorola handset. Another unique feature is that both the flashes of the camera can be used at one go.

The look of the handset is very similar to a QWERTY device; however it isn’t one and comes with all the features such as Bluetooth, WI-FI connectivity, email, multimedia player, wide screen, etc. With the most unique features, the phone has a simple yet chic look for the style conscious masses.